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Finding a new home shouldn't feel like mission impossible. We've worked to simplify the process by accepting tenant applications directly online. To start the process, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit our Search Rentals page and browse through the available vacancies. Homes are accompanied by pricing information, as well as photos. 
  2. Schedule a showing with a member of our team. You can easily make an appointment directly through the listing. 
  3. Once you've visited the property, you'll be able to submit an application through the search listing. 
  4. Please note, all application fees are nonrefundable. Make sure you meet the minimum criteria. 


Your application will not be processed until all required documents have been received and you have viewed the property. If you have not already done so, please confirm with us that the property will be available at your desired move in date and that your pet(s) will be allowed at the property.

Approved applicants have one (1) business day to execute the lease agreement and remit a nonrefundable lease administration fee of $250, and an application deposit of a full month’s rent in order to hold the property. The application deposit is not a security deposit, but shall be credited toward the security deposit for the property once the lease term begins. Move-in must be scheduled within 14 days of acceptance of application, or within 14 days of the posted available date, whichever is earlier. If after making the application deposit to hold the property, you fail or refuse to occupy the property or to pay the move-in rent, the deposit may be retained by HighPoint as liquidated damages.

By applying, applicants acknowledge that photos, videos, and descriptions of the property, whether verbal or written, are not sufficient to provide a full representation of a property.

General Requirements and Criteria

  • Income: Combined gross income must be at least 3 times the rental amount.
  • Credit: Minimum credit score of 620 for all applicants.
  • Co-signers: We do not accept co-signers or guarantors.
  • Delinquency: No past due debt greater than $1,000.
  • Evictions: No previous evictions or rental related judgements.
  • Occupancy: No more than two people per bedroom and no more than three unrelated parties. Rooms not designated as a bedroom may not be used for sleeping.
  • Section 8: We do not accept housing assistance.
  • Trampolines: No trampolines or any other attractive nuisance.
  • Bankruptcy: Must be discharged.
  • Crimes: Felony and/or misdemeanor convictions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may result in denial. If you are a registered sex offender or on the OFAC list, we will not be able to rent to you.
  • Marijuana: Colorado Law and Federal Law give HighPoint the right to prohibit the use, possession and growing or recreational marijuana in any of our rental properties. We do not allow it in any of our rental properties.
  • Pets/Animals: Must be pre-screened at See restrictions below.

Next Steps

  1. Complete the online application. The $50 application fee is non-refundable. Each adult 18 years of age or older is required to complete a separate application. It is in your best interest to confirm that all applicants meet our rental requirements and are not outside of our rental application requirements. We will not start our application review process until every applicant has completed, signed, and paid for a separate application.
  2. Income. If you are an employee, you must submit pay stubs for the most recent two months and your most recent W-2 tax form. If you have new employment, your new employer must send us your offer letter showing your new income.  If you are an independent contractor or self-employed, you must submit bank statements showing the last six months of deposits, the most recent 1099 and the most recent full tax return. If you have other verifiable income such as social security, child support, disability, etc., we will need official documents showing the income.
  3. Identification. Each applicant must provide a legible, unexpired government issued photo I.D.
  4. Pets and Animals. Our properties may or may not accept pets. If pets are being considered and/or if you have a service/companion animal, please use submit your pet(s) application(s) through: We reserve the right to deny applicants with pets, or limit the number of pets. The following dogs will be rejected:  Pit Bull, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Akita, Alaskan Malamute, American Bulldog, Bullmastiff, Mastiff, Chow, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Presa Canario, Rottweiler, Siberian Husky, Wolf Hybrid, or any dog that is a mix that includes one or more of the breeds listed above. Tenants may be evicted for misrepresenting any of the above type of dog, as well as for being in possession of any poisonous, dangerous, endangered species or otherwise unauthorized animal. No aquariums larger than 10 gallons allowed. No ferrets, reptiles, birds, or rodents of any kind are permitted. Our animal policies are strictly enforced and can be grounds for eviction. A $300 non-refundable pet fee must be paid to HighPoint at lease signing if your pet is approved. Pet rent of $35 per month per pet is required for pre approved pets.
  5. Pay Security Deposit in Certified Funds. The security deposit is due within one business day upon our notification of approval. The security deposit must be in certified funds only. Receipt of the security deposit will stop showings and holds the property until your move in date.
  6. Renter’s Insurance. As a condition of the lease, all residents 18 years or older will be required to carry liability insurance in the amount of $100,000 or more to cover their legal liability for damage to the property during their lease term. To satisfy this requirement, residents have two options:
    1. OPTION 1: Sign up for renters insurance that includes $100,000 in liability coverage and provide proof of coverage on or before date of move-in. Having renters insurance not only meets the lease requirement, it also protects residents’ personal belongings from theft or damage. The cost depends on your insurance provider. “High Point Property Management” must be listed as an “Additional Interest.”
    2. OPTION 2: Do nothing. Residents will be automatically enrolled in High Point's tenant liability insurance program. This is an easy and low cost way to meet the insurance requirement but does not cover residents’ personal belongings. Resident pays the $9.50 monthly premium together with rent.

Please Note: Residents are under no obligation to participate in HighPoint's tenant liability insurance program. Resident may satisfy the lease requirement by obtaining a personal renters insurance or liability insurance policy from an insurance agent or insurance company of resident's choice and providing proof of coverage (a copy of the declarations page) for the duration of resident's lease.Tenant Liability Insurance Policy is provided by Great American E&S Insurance Company 300 E. Fourth Street, 20th Floor | Cincinnati, OH 45202 | Toll Free: (877) 429-3816 | E-mail:

We are an Equal Housing Opportunity Provider. We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Act and do not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin. Additionally, we provide housing in accordance with all other state and local laws if those laws provide greater protection than the Federal Fair Housing Act. Completion of the rental application does not guarantee that applicant will be offered the property for which they've applied. Applications for a property will be accepted on a first come - first serve basis and are subject to the availability of the particular property requested. As part of our obligation to our clients/landlords, please note that we cannot accept credit reports run from any other agency outside of our own. The tenant screening process includes some or all of the following: credit report, FICO score, eviction/tenant history, current and previous employment verification, current and past rental verification and criminal check.

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