All Denver Property Managers Are Not Built The Same

Feb 15, 2016 | Property Management

Credit Score

All Denver Property Managers are not built the same. How HighPoint Property Management is helping their Denver are renters.

At HighPoint Property Management, we believe all of our renter’s should get credit for paying their rent on time. For most Denver property managers, however, only negative rent payments get reported to credit reporting agencies in the form of collections.

It is hard enough in this Denver rental market to find a house or condo to rent. When you are lucky enough to find the right rental property, shouldn’t you also get credit for on time rent payments? Not all Denver property managers are using this tool to help tenants. If fact, the typical property manager will only report negative information or no information.

If you are looking for an apartment to rent or condo for rent or even a single family house for rent in the Denver metro area right now if may be helpful to ask your landlord or property manager if they report positive rental payment data. You may be surprised to hear that most property managers and especially do-it-yourself (DIY) Denver landlords typically will not report this helpful information.

Credit History
The Value of Paying Your Rent on Time

At HighPoint Property Management, we recognize the value of reporting positive rental payment data and we want to provide our tenants with this unique opportunity to get credit for their on-time rental payments.

For instance, a tenant who’s currently  renting a house or condo from HighPoint property management pays their rent on time with HighPoint Property Management, it will add value to because the tenant can potentially receive lower interest rates on a mortgage and car and consumer loans.


Will my rental payments affect my credit score?

Rental payment data will be included as part of a standard credit report. This is good news if you choose HighPoint Property Management as your property manager.

Can I build my credit history by paying my rent on time?

Yes. Positive rental payment history will allow you to establish or build credit history though on time payments. This is why it’s important to ask your Denver property manager or do-it-yourself landlord if they have been approved for the partnership arrangement with a credit bureau reporting agency.

When I find a house for rent in Denver and HighPoint Property Management is managing the rental property, how does the lease appear on my credit report?

Your HighPoint Property Management lease will appear on your credit report as a trade line that describes your account status and activity. The trade line will display 25 months of history, date opened, monthly payment amount and recent payment activity.

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