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Feb 21, 2017 | Uncategorized

Denver Local Property Manager – Why hiring a smaller to mid-sized, company is a better option than going to a big firm or a small startup.

HighPoint, a Denver local property manager, is an intentionally small to mid-sized property management company.

I love reading the big property manager’s websites. They are all fairly similar with their message. For example, the big companies make claims such as “the largest” or “fastest growing”, “we manage over 1,000 properties”, “Over 1,000+ leased last year”.  Awesome. How does that help you, the owner, looking to hire a property manager that will take care of you, your tenants, and your house? Does this type of messaging cause you to trust, know, or like them because they handle thousands of properties. I doubt it.

What about the small one person startup company? Ever read their website? I can’t find it either.

Why HighPoint Property Management, a Denver Local Property Manager, Is a Better Choice.

My initial strategy for HighPoint was 1,000+ properties under management. Now, I’m not so sure that is a great idea. Below, I discuss 5 reasons why.

  1. Service levels generally begin to suffer as you grow, especially the fast growth property management companies. At HighPoint Property Management, we grow slow and on purpose. We only take on clients that make sense for us and them.
  2. We like to maintain relationships with our clients, not look you up by address when you call. Our agents know who you are and you know us.
  3. It is easy for HighPoint to change anything on a dime. If it isn’t working, I change it. So, can that happen with a franchise? Just try to vary the menu at McDonald’s as see what happens.
  4. A smaller team means more personalized service. As a result, you can actually talk to the same person when you call our office.
  5. HighPoint is big enough to have the latest technology and an actual office – same as the big companies. Smaller startups work from a home office (parent’s basement) and use flip phones. They cannot afford the larger fixed costs.

HighPoint Property Management is here for the long haul. We love what we do. Switch today and experience the difference.