The Myth of Easy – Real Estate Investing Is Anything But

Dec 10, 2016 | Real Estate Investing, Uncategorized

I just searched “Real Estate Investing” on Amazon and found 14,341 results.

Most of the titles make it sound so easy. They almost make you want to quit your day job, escape the cubicle 9-5 thing, flip your way to hassle-free passive income, or be financially free with no money down in a creative income sort of way with five proven strategies.

Maybe you read something on about how someone life hacked their way to millions overnight with a wholesaling hard money proven system. And it was super easy. And anyone can do it. Even you!

Maybe you watched one of those cable shows how they flipped their way to a $20,000 profit in 40 minutes (not counting commercials).

All of this may be true, but those results are not typical.

Most of the time it’s B.S.

Nobody writes about their disastrous real estate deals. No books were written about how they put no money down, got foreclosed on, had their spouse leave them, had their dog bite them right after they came home from getting fired. Well, maybe James Altucher. But that’s it.

Real estate investing is hard work almost all of the time.

And it’s not passive.

That’s an IRS term. A typical day at HighPoint Property Management is anything but passive. Believe me.

So, how do you invest in the Denver real estate market without losing money? The boring old fashioned way.

  1. Decide your outcome first. What type of property, what neighborhood, etc.
  2. Have a large pile of cash ready of a down payment and for a reserve fund.
  3. Know your numbers. The real ones. Not the pro forma fake ones.
  4. Hire a property manager. Believe me, you’ll want to keep your day job.
  5. Be okay with maintenance issues. Things break.

At HighPoint Property Management, our clients consistently invest the old fashioned way. Whether they have one rental property or dozens, they are successful every month. I see it for real. Real numbers. Real people. They just don’t write books or blog about it. They are too busy working hard on their next deal.