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About Englewood

Englewood Colorado is a beautiful and vibrant community with a rich history dating back to the mid 1800’s. As with most communities in Northern Colorado, Englewood becoming a hotspot for early settler activity can be traced all the way back to the ‘Pikes Peak or Bust” gold rush in 1859 when prospectors flooded into the area in search of their personal fortune. Among these prospectors was an Irish immigrant named Thomas Skerritt, who claimed around 640 acres of land in the area that would eventually be called Englewood. After the initial land purchase by Thomas Skerritt others began to arrive over the coming years and settle the area. Most of that original 640 acres have been sold to a multitude of early settlers, some of which may even have descendants still living in Englewood.

Today the city still holds onto its roots and unique history. The main focus of the city government’s planning is centered around three things, transportation, education, and the arts. Housing and retail development are also huge focuses for the local government as well as ambitious entrepreneurs. Englewood has become a pioneer of public transportation and a hub for national and international health care providers including Swedish Medical Center. Arts and Entertainment are being driven largely by the local population in the form of public art displays, performance pieces, theatre, and dance.

Education and Community

Englewood’s education system and school district boast two high schools, two middle schools and five elementary schools. Test scores are considered high against nationwide averages and the community finds significant pride in the quality of education and overall happiness of the students.

Community events are frequent, along with other day to day amenities including, neighborhood parks, a golf course, recreation center and a number of athletic fields. On top of the already thriving city culture comes the quality of the residents, who regularly participate in volunteer activities and neighborhood watches.

Investment Opportunities

Englewood is one of several suburbs located outside of Denver, but with an exceptional public transit system it offers by far the best accessibility for both the local area and the Denver metro area. Because of this access it offers a pipeline of clients for new businesses and a pool of high quality tenants for residential rental properties. Other statistics which can be found on the city website suggest a city government that not only supports new businesses but offers tools for their continued growth and success including statistics on consumer spending, traffic reports and other resources available on demand from their Economic Development Office.

Residential investment properties are at a premium in Northern Colorado, but there are still quite a few on the market and availability is updated frequently on the city website. Once you have purchased this investment property there is always the stressful and time consuming work of finding quality tenants, screening them and getting the lease paperwork sorted out. After that comes additional work in the form of property maintenance, rent collections and even evictions. Wouldn’t it be amazing if a property management company were able to handle all of these variables for you? Give HighPoint property management a call and discover the ways we can help you get the most out of your property.

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