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About Louisville

The town of Louisville Colorado is firmly rooted in history as a coal mining town with the first coal mine in the area of both Boulder and Weld county. The Welch Mine was set up in 1877 and by 1882 the town was fully incorporated. Coal mining boomed in Louisville for many years as the country’s demand went up and more and more coal was discovered in the area. At one point over 25 active mines were being operated inside the current Louisville city limits. The variety of companies mining there also protected Louisville from falling prey to one company dominating the entire town.

Over the next period of years the town continued to grow and prosper as workers immigrated to the area. This also created strife between different companies and as a result there were strikes and several small armed conflicts concerning territory, wages and working conditions. By the 1950’s most of the usable coal in the once booming mines had been spent and all mining operations effectively ceased.

Today Louisville is known nationwide as one of the best places to work live, and raise a family. There are a multitude of factors that contribute the quality of life felt by citizens, namely the positive economic outlook and the mixed employment opportunities that include everything from agriculture to the high tech.

Education and Community

The school district in Louisville contains 6 public schools, six private schools, and a public library. The city government also manages a wide array of public amenities like an arts center, a recreation center and a historical museum with explores the town’s rich past. As stated in their town profile, a massive 78% of residents in Louisville consider it an ‘excellent’ place to call home.

One of the main draws for tourism is the historic downtown business district and main street. Local government and business owners alike have taken it upon themselves to preserve the old wood framing for the buildings and to try to keep things as close to the old mining town spirit as they possibly can. With the variety of shops, pubs, art galleries, and live music the citizens of Louisville have outdone themselves in creating a place that attracts people from all over Colorado.

Investment Properties

Louisville’s economic outlook is promising to say the least, with it’s transportation network, tourism traffic and highly educated workforce you couldn’t ask for a better place to invest in both residential property and commercial business. Even taking a brief look through Louisville’s real estate offerings reveals that it is a great place to invest in a residential rental property. Once you have found the perfect place, it’s not an easy task to attain high quality tenants, take care of the property and deal with ongoing maintenance, especially if you are out of state. Let HighPoint property management take care of the heavy lifting for you and turn your property into the high profit investment you want it to be.

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