Real Estate Investors

As a real estate investor, you're constantly juggling a huge assortment of tasks and responsibilities. Keeping your existing properties healthy shouldn't be on your list of chores. Instead, you need a viable business partner on your side to manage your homes for you.

At HIghPoint Property Management, we don't simply make big promises—we deliver results. We were founded by an experienced property investor who has felt the pain of management firsthand. We've developed comprehensive strategies to manage the day-to-day needs of your rental properties, while simultaneously maximizing your earning potential and boosting your ROI.

Let us focus on the management side of things, giving you the time to grow your investment portfolio. Learn more about what HighPoint Property Management can do for you.

Our Investment Management Services

Marketing and Tenant Screening

Focus on the long-term health of your property by placing great tenants in your rental home today. Our talented team will market your vacancies aggressively, using a proven combination of digital listings and real-world advertising tools to find the best renters in Denver.

Once we receive an application, we'll begin our in-depth screening process. Over the course of this process, we'll qualify the applicant's financial background, rental history, and employment information. We only place tenants that pass our stringent checks, keeping your portfolio protected from renters who could cause you headaches down the road.

Maintenance Coordination

Taking care of your rental property needs to remain a priority throughout the duration of the lease. We keep it under control for you, responding to maintenance requests as quickly as possible and only using licensed contractors to perform the work. This keeps your tenants happy, while also protecting the property again damage and vandalism.

As your home ages, you'll likely need to invest in updated appliances and fixtures that can boost the rental value of your property. We'll be happy to work with you to identify potential areas of improvement, while monitoring market trends to ensure we're priced appropriately.

Detailed Accounting

Keeping your financial records in tip top shape is an important consideration as a property investor, which is why we offer comprehensive rent collection and expense documentation. We handle all aspects of payment processing, follow up with late tenants, and we'll even initiate eviction proceedings if things go wrong.

Of course, you can easily access your information around the clock by logging in to our owner portal. This simple portal gives you direct access to your earning statements, inspection notes from our last visit, and and expense clarification for recent maintenance work or improvements to the property. It's available 24/7 to ensure you're always kept in the loop.

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